Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

Looks FamiliarEver since our little black cat turned up on the doorstep in the summer of 2008 I’ve turned into that crazy cat lady!

She’s quite literally our little fur baby and the centre of our world here in Canada.  She captured our hearts as well as my imagination with her bright golden eyes and her glossy black fur.  A proper witch’s cat if ever there was one.

Years ago, when we were planning our emigration from Scotland, we’d sit on the Prom in Kirkcaldy, looking out to sea.  We drank our coffee, ate our chip butties and dreamed of what our new life in Edmonton would look like.

On one such day, I announced to my husband that I wanted a cat.  Not just any old cat, specifically a black one.  Leaving all our family behind in Scotland, I thought it would be nice to put a little ‘heart’ into our new home wherever that might be.  Pets can do that for you.

The Universe must have been listening for, 8 months after our move, it delivered a beautiful black stray cat.  I was stunned.  And delighted!  She turned up on our doorstep that first summer and refused to leave, determined to live with us and who were we to turn away such a cute house guest?  I’ve always been philosophical about life and when animals ‘find’ you, I tend to take note.

Nowadays, I can’t imagine not having Sheba.  I’ve no idea what her history is, where she came from or what she might have seen.  She’s lost the tips of both ears to the bitter Albertan winters and looks more like a cuddly black teddy bear than a cat.  She regales us with stories constantly although we have no idea what she is saying.  She’s such a chatty wee thing – Bagpipes really would have been a much more apt name for her.

I’ve often wondered what her story is.  Where did she come from, what has she been through and most importantly, why did she turn up?  It doesn’t take much to fire my imagination.

What if she was magical?  I asked myself.  Well, of course she is, aren’t all cats?  What exactly does she get up to when we’re not around or fast asleep?  What if we were completely oblivious to the duality of her secret life?

Time to find out what’s really been going on … Stripy Stockings

I hope you enjoy my rambling fantasy and, if you feel so inclined, will come back and visit me again soon.

Thank you!


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